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  In 1972, Dr. Kuo-Hsiung Shiao established SHIN JIAN NAN CO., which was the starting point of J. JOHN GROUP. In 1977, other key managers, Mr. Shang-Hai Wong, Mr. Sunny Kang and Mr. Simon Lu with animal science or veterinary background joined the group.

  With a strong team effort, we have been establishing a great commitment to our clients. In doing so, we recruited and trained representatives to establish island-wide sales forces, with the head office located in Taipei, five branched offices located in the major business area through whole Taiwan.

  We believe in PROFESSIONALISM & HONESTY as our business culture. Under such principles, we achieve a strong, stable, and complete sales force.
Our company has experienced rapid growth and development, which directed us to opening new affiliates and farms to meet new demands dictated by business scope. Therefore, our business has expanded into Philippines and U.S.A. making us a multinational company. Under this strong background, we plan to invest business to other Asian countries in the near future.
Because of owning 6 farms with sixty thousand pigs in the group, we have much real experience of management, feeding, breeding, formula etc. of pig farm. On the base of the experience with almost 35 years, we help pig farmers improve the management, reduce lost, earn profit and therefore, winning their reputation. Besides profession on pig market, we hire the sales line of original Pharmacia Upjohn Co., Ltd. to expand the business to poultry market and get good response too.

  Now, we own the complete products lines of feeds and feed additives which are distributed or manufactured at our factory as follows:

  • Concentrate feeds–Lechonmix from Belgium and our own brand of J. John concentrates.
  • Vitamin-Mineral Premix-Lechonvit and Lechonmin from Belgium and our own brand of J. John Vit and J. John Minerals.
  • Raw Ingredients-Trilactofac from Wenemco in Holland, Whey powder from International Ingredient Corp. in U.S.A., Plasma from Lican Alimentos S.A. in Chili, Porcine Plus from Simco Additives in U.S.A.
  • Antibiotics-Suspensions from Kela Lab. in Belgium, and feed additives with antibiotics from our own factory, Kaimight.
  • Feed Additives free of antibiotics- XP yeast culture from Diamond V Mills Inc. in U.S.A, Milkin-Mix from Skylab in U.S.A., Enzyme and preservatives from Impextraco N.V. in Belgium, Herbal products from Ayurvet Ltd. in India.

Spirit: The business concepts of J. JOHN GROUP, whether in Taiwan or abroad, are to:

  • Conduct business with sincerity
  • Analyze the industry to perform better for customer
  • Learn customer’s backgrounds
  • Identify future trends
  • Understand customer needs from customer’s point of view
  • Provide post-purchase services to customers with profession and technical expertise, including:
    Disease prevention and medication
    Feed formula design and adjustment
    Update information about agriculture and husbandry, etc.
    Assist in upgrading customer’s transaction concept and performance

  We sincerely would like to establish a business between J.JOHN GROUP and customers with spirit of “DEVELOP & PROSPER TOGETHER, AND TRANSACT BUSINESS FOR THE YEARS TO COME”.